Uday Kumar sitting casual

Hi there! My name is Uday Kumar. I live in Jersey. We have 2 beautiful kids, very caring parents and a crazy busy life! I work in Tech and spend a lot of time with Entrepreneurs, Technologists and Creative folk.

I have been practicing meditation for about 14 years now and I am a trainer in Heartfulness Meditation .“Designing a Beautiful Life through Meditation” is what I am most passionate about. I enjoy the journey and help others along the way.

I started Meditation in the Sahaj Marg System in 2001 under the benevolent guidance of my Revered Master Shri. P Rajagopalachari (Chariji). I was a teenager and I was not on a quest for a higher spiritual goal. I was intrigued by the “Complete Mastery” of Chariji in the Material and Spiritual aspects of life.

As the years passed by, I realized that life is not an “either / or” choice between Material and the Spiritual. Life is actually a training ground for achieving Balance and Moderation resulting in a resplendent material and spiritual success.

If you would like to start Heartfulness Meditation, send me a note.

For more information about my work and business, connect with me on Linkedin. I mentor several startups and regularly speak at Meetups and other events.