The 1 habit for all the 11 skills!

Rachel Gillett wrote a very interesting article on Business Insider a week back. Its called the “11 skills that are hard to learn but will pay forever“. It’s a very good piece. Lots of common sense advice to pick up on skills that will deliver uncommon success.

To Master a Skill I need to make it a habit. The interesting thing is that there is one habit that will help master all these skills. I believe that habit is “Meditation”. I don’t think of Meditation as an activity. It’s a habit that gives me an inner state which, helps me harness my skills to the fullest.

To make this easier, the list below has all the skills mentioned in the article and next to it is a line or two about how Meditation can help you get there.

  • Skill # 1: Mastering your sleep. 
    • Well, need I say more. Here is an article all about the relationship between sleep and meditation. Read it and sleep 🙂
  • Skill #2 : Empathy
    • When I Meditate I feel. When I feel I relate better, because my Emotional Quotient is nourished and nurtured.
  • Skill #3 : Time Management
    • When I Meditate, I essentially create time. Wonder how? Its simple. A deep meditation takes one beyond time and space. A dimension present in each one of us. No wonder why Gandhi said this once “I have so much to accomplish today that I must meditate for two hours instead of one.”
  • Skill #4: Asking for help
    • Aka transcend your ego. Meditation teaches that the act of asking transcends giving. Asking teaches one Acceptance. A valuable virtue indeed!
  • Skill#5 : Consistency
    • Meditation is a journey towards the infinite within oneself. As I meditate and I go deeper. The deeper I go the more I meditate. 🙂 Sounds tricky….well why don’t you give it a try! 
  • Skill#6: Positive self talk
    • This is an aha moment! When I meditate, the lower self establishes a connection with the Higher Self. So the result is Positive Self only talks….
  • Skill #7: Knowing when to shut up and actually doing it
    • In silence I experience the highest! and by listening I understand with empathy. Those who meditate talk less and lesser. I think this makes them effective communicators.
  • Skill #8: Listening
  • Skill #9: Minding your own business
    • So busy am I overcoming the obstacles that block my progress. After all each meditation reveals them with greater clarity.
  • Skill #10: Resisting Gossip
    • Who doesn’t love a spiked up gossip chat? But then if your heart is doing the talking, how can you gossip about the other?
  • Skill #11: Mastering your thoughts

Rachel, thanks for the awesome post! Like they say, here is the ring to rule them all!

Till next time, Keep Calm and Carry On….