Three Day Quote Challenge: Accepted!

My blogger friend Swetha started something novel. She is passing forward a 3 day blogger challenge. She nominated me. So here are the rules….



today morning, I saw a brilliant quote by Shri. Parahamsa Yogananda shared by my good friend Balaji .

Paramahamsa Yogananda


I nominate the following bloggers to pass it forward:

  • Nomination 1: My friend and brother Trevor Weltman. He writes a beautiful blog titled Meditate Activate Elevate. Trevor is also a great speaker. Check out his TEDx talk here.
  • Nomination 2: L.R. Palmer writes an interesting blog titled “The Otherhood of One“. His latest post on masks is very intriguing. I hope he accepts.
  • Nomination 3:  I regularly listen to a Podcast called the Mystic Show. Its hosted by Chris Curran. Chris is awesome. Here is a link to his latest show:

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!