Will Power is Overrated!


Question: How to use Willpower to become better in my practice of meditation?

“Have you seen a child apply Willpower to eat ice cream?” came the reply from my Guru Kamlesh Patel 


child icecream

I have been thinking about this reply for the past few weeks. I have come to the conclusion that this whole business of Willpower is over rated.

In the Sahaj Marg practice, there are 3 key elements …Meditation, Cleaning and Prayer. Sometimes when I struggled with the Cleaning element of the practice, I was told that one needs to apply Willpower during Cleaning. I tried it and it worked some what….however it never made sense to me. I never have to apply my Willpower to take a shower (I am notorious for taking super long showers…TMI I guess…)

Why would I apply Willpower to refresh myself within? Thinking about this further I remembered my Grandfather. He was a devout Hindu. He had a myriad of health issues and the last 30 years of his life and he was restricted to the bed. Every day morning, he would sit up and pull his bed side table close to him. On the table were idols of Gods he prayed to. He cleaned each one of these idols, cleaned the table. After someone helped him with a shower he would pray.

He cleaned the idols with so much love! Many times, I have seen a moist streak along his cheeks while he did this. He cleaned with Love. Not with Will….


….continuing the answer further Kamleshji said “The key is to develop keen interest. When that is there everything happens automatically.”


I believe that when we do something with Love, keen interest develops. Love is after all the highest manifestation of Will….

Till next time….