Heartfulness : The Bridge to Eternity

It’s a beautiful evening today. Cool winter weather with a gentle breeze. I had stopped to finish some errands. After finishing the work, I rolled down the windows of my car and sat in silence. My mind wandered to a story in Ramayana. Lord Rama and his army were trying to build a bridge in the ocean to reach the shores of Lanka.It was a daunting task. Almost impossible. As the army of loyal apes got started, everyone pitched in. The faith of the followers was literally moving mountains. Boulders, rocks, trees and everything else was being thrown into the mix.

In the middle of all this frenzied activity was a squirrel. A puny, meek and little Indian squirrel. Irreverent to its physical size and inherent limitations, the squirrel had the hutzpah of a champion.

Indian Squirrel

The story goes that the squirrel would roll itself all over the beach sand and then run into the middle of crevices of boulders. Day in and out the squirrel toiled. Slowly these tiny particles of sand created the binding agent that held these boulders together. Looking at the loving dedication of this mighty servant even the giants became bigger. In a matter of time the bridge was complete. The rest of course is history.

The Master (Lord Rama), the observer of all efforts, blessed the squirrel. He lovingly picked up the little warrior and gently rubbed his fingers over it. The legend goes that Lord Rama’s fingers created a beautiful pattern of lines on the squirrels back. Its generations carry this blessing to this day!

Heartfulness is a movement in which all of humanity will participate. We are building a bridge to a higher consciousness. All our efforts contribute. The meekest of the lot will build the glue that connects mammoth efforts together.

As I rolled up the windows of my car, my heart let out a silent prayer. May we all channel the audacity and anonymity of the meek squirrel. So it shall be said, so it shall be done.


For further information on Heartfulness, check out an interview by my Guru Kamlesh D Patel on You Tube.