Heartfulness at LinkedIn NYC

Today was the last IN Day of the year at LinkedIn. IN days are special. These monthly events at LinkedIn bring the employees together to focus on a team building and skill improvement . They are a good reflection of the culture and work ethic at LinkedIn.

A team from Heartfulness Institute conducted a Relaxation and Meditation session at the NYC office today. It was a wonderful session of Relaxation followed by Meditation. Theresa and Neera at Linkedin are just awesome! They did an excellent job of facilitating the session. We had about 25 people experience Heartfulness Relaxation and Meditation.

Linkedin NYC -2

The session was based on the  theme “Relationships Matter”. Linkedin is perhaps the best example of building a very valuable service based on the simple fact that “Relationships matter and they need to be nurtured”.

The message of Heartfulness Meditation is “The most important relationship is the one I have with my Self. I nurture this relationship to design my life from within myself”

For the next 2 weeks the teams at Linkedin have a Holiday shutdown. It was proposed to the group to use some of this time to go deeper into the practice. Here are 3 key themes we shared with the attendees as they practice meditation on their own.

  • Embrace the Pivots: Techies and Startup junkies know all about pivots. Pivots are the litmus test of the idea, the founders and the team. When I meditate, I pivot. Inside. Deep within me, I elevate my consciousness. With this renewed consciousness I take on the day, I embrace change, naturally. One becomes dynamic and flexible.
  • Create an MVP for life: MVP stands for “Minimum Viable Product”. This stems from the Lean Mindset. The clarion call of meditation is “More and More with Less and Less”. Meditation becomes your MVP, the “Most Valuable Process”.
  • Lead with Empathy: Today, we are at an interesting place in our society. One generation led life as a “pursuit of collection of things and resources”. The millennials believe life is a “collection of experiences”. In such a scenario, for leaders in teams and organizations its very important to connect and listen…ALL the time. Heartfulness Meditation helps one tune into the heart. This delivers the right balance of EQ and IQ .

I look forward to the future sessions in 2016. Hopefully in the next blog on this initiative, we will have some voices from the Linkedin team also chime in.

Cheers, Relax and Meditate.