Sharing in your pain…

Pain and suffering of loved ones hurts the most. We have all been in situations where the painful cry of your sick child or the agonized groans of an aging parent tear your heart apart. Its the same for emotional agony that we see in relationships. I think the emotional pain cuts the deepest.

Many a times, I have let out a prayer asking the Almighty to send me the pain of my loved ones and spare them. I am sure we have all done that at some point of time in our lives. Its a noble gesture. A call of the heart.

A student on the path of spirituality, may sometimes encounter the pains and sufferings of his Guru. These are especially testing times. Once we were in Denmark, and huddled around Chariji. We asked a question.

“Master, how much pain can you take?” Chariji replied “That’s the wrong question. The question is how much pain can you (pointing to us) take?” After a quiet pause he said “I am the fish that swims in the ocean of pain….”

A real spiritual Master*, suffers for all of humanity. How do I participate in this ? I have been thinking about this. Here is what I feel.

Asking to partake of the Master’s pain is akin to a Kindergarten student trying to present a PhD thesis. This does not happen over night. We slowly grow into such a capacity.

First, I need to start with accepting the pain of my friends and family. Become ONE with them in their moment of need. Once I  do this slowly my heart expands and periphery widens. Gradually, the definition of family grows. This acceptance of pain is not because of sympathy but out of empathy. With empathy comes the ability to always lead with the heart first.

As I partake more and more in the pain of others, I see the capacity increase more and more. Life now becomes synonymous with sacrifice. Not in a morbid and tragic way, but in a humane and tender way. My heart now always thinks about others all the time.

As this happens, we move from the puddle to a pond to a lake and finally into the ocean of pain…happily swimming along with the soulful and permanent resident….The Master within….


*: Refer to page 35: Chapter title The Guru in Reality at Dawn