ABC of Sahaj Marg

“Do you know the ABC of this?”….often this is the kind of question asked to someone to gauge their understanding of the topic, mainly the fundamentals.

It’s a pointed question. It’s also a revealing question. The expected answer is usually a line or two. For eg: If you ask a sales person “what is the ABC of sales?” the expected answer is “Always Be Closing”. It’s as simple as that. A very simple and straight forward way to communicate the essence of a Sales Job.

A few days back this question crept up “What is the ABC of Sahaj Marg?” Several answers kept popping in my head. They were mostly intellectual answers. I wasn’t too happy with any of them. I let the question rest in the back alleys of my mind. A place where several other questions breathed their last. Luckily this one survived. I was busy with preparing myself for Thiruvallur and decided to probe the question further during my time there.

I reached Thiruvallur a few days in advance to the Bhandara. I wanted to make sure that this time around it wasn’t a transactional affair. I wanted to experience the completeness of the Bhandara, from start to finish. I stayed there for a full week. It worked out brilliantly.

At Thiruvallur, I settled myself in the accommodation at the Permanent Meditation Hall. I got busy with giving sittings to arriving abhyasis. Each day there were at least 25-30 sittings. It was sublime. Beautiful. I could feel the work and the beauty it was creating. One evening it dawned on me. ABC of Sahaj Marg is “Always Be Cleaning”.

As the days progressed, I had the chance to catch up with friends and family from all over. I was chatting with a couple of brothers who were volunteering at the Transport Desk. I was witness to their almost herculean efforts in making the logistics flow smoothly. As we were speaking, they shared a moving incident.

In their tent, their neighbor was an Abhyasi who had been volunteering in the kitchen for the last 20 odd years. He was a farmer from a small village. The hours of work in the kitchen are grueling. His work shift was from 4:00am to 4:00pm every day.  In the tent he would sleep on the floor on a thin cardboard for a mattress and a small towel for a pillow. It so happened that the previous day evening it had rained. The soil had become damp and most of the tent had water puddles all over.

In the evening a family arrived and was looking for place to sleep. This brother cheerfully got up and gave them the dry spot he had. He picked up his cardboard and happily pitched it right next to a water puddle. He didn’t even think twice about it. When my friends asked him how he was able to act so spontaneously he simply replied “This is what my Babuji taught me. Always care for others”….

The ABC of Sahaj Marg….”Always Be Caring”….Always….

On the morning of the 24th, Kamlesh Bhai gave a talk that moved everyone. Anyone who had a heart, shed generous tears of joy and gratitude. During the talk, Master asked “What can we offer to Him as Guru Dakshina?”. He doesn’t need our millions. He gets what he needs from His Master. He doesn’t need our Love. His Master’s Love carries him. So what can we offer him? The only thing we can offer is Continuous Change. A loving, cheerful Change that is Natural and Harmonious.

ABC….” Always Be Changing”….Always…

I was now at ease. A question which started at the onset of the Bhandara was now answered. Always Be Changing. As the Bhandara neared an end, it was time to make plans to return back home. The Sunday Satsangh had just concluded and Master gave a beautiful address to the volunteers. Afterwards I decided to take a walk along the ashram grounds. I was noodling over the different facets that were revealed to me over the last few days. Cleaning, Caring, Changing. It felt a little too much. May be even intellectual.

I neared the cottage and saw Master leave for Bangalore. He was sitting in the car. Serene, Blissful, Present and yet lost into the Higher Self. The car drove off and slowly the dust the tires kicked up settled down. As He left he pulled at the chords of my heart. I felt the connection.

“Always Be Connected”…..Once you are Connected, everything else takes care of itself. When I am Connected, He takes over. It’s His Ball, His Game and His Match.

Always Be Connected…the ABC of Sahaj Marg.