Poem: Part of the Whole

In the summer of July 2010, I was in India. The occasion was the Birthday of my Revered Master, Shri P Rajagopalachari (fondly called Chariji). The large gatherings in SRCM are referred to as Bhandaras. These spiritual gatherings are very special. Thousands of abhyasis(students of spirituality) gather with the single purpose of  Meditation for Human Integration. These gatherings are striking in their simplicity and essence. The Hallmark of these Gatherings are the Satsanghs (Group Meditation Sessions).

Imagine a tent city of several football fields with Thousands of Abhyasis meditating together in pristine silence. No loud discourse, music or sermon. A silent gathering of seeking hearts coming together to become one with their inner Self.

At one such gathering, I wrote a poem. Its called Part of the Whole. I am sharing it here for your reading. I would love to get your thoughts on it.

Part Of The Whole

In pieces and fragments I stand before you Master
The journey to the goal I realize needs to be faster.
My tendencies drag me, my judgment fails me
Expectations burden me and prejudices malign me.

The pieces rebel, the fragments desert
The lonely heart is like an old sentry, all but alert.
The journey is wobbly, my senses run galore
The call of the Lion and I shiver at the roar.

Who do these failings exist?
Why do my habits persist?
Why is my Will so weak?
Will God accept me as meek?

Your lotus feet and the refuge within,
These are the beacons to unite me from within.
As I close my eyes in unison with my brethren around
I feel the grip of my weakness unwound,
The body is in a lull, the mind is dull
The spirit within starts beaming in full.

The glow of your love tides me inside
Fragments and pieces slowly unite
Melting within my heart takes flight.
In the warmth of your love my failings vanish
The fire of my Will shall make all barriers banish.

Here I am my shepherd, wholesome and here
The body, the mind, the spirit all with my seer
The ship of my soul now has an anchor
The parts and fragments are in wholesome surrender

I came here broken, I arrived incomplete
With each meeting my strength becomes replete.

This my Master is beauty of refuge,
Pieces and parts become whole in this love deluge.
We meet and we part and we part again to meet
Oh my beloved! The pieces and parts are now complete.

Written in July 2010 by Uday