Where do I find Him?

I was reading an article earlier today by Devdutt Patnaik titled Gita for Modern Readers. I think it’s a pretty interesting piece and it stirred up a few thoughts. I have not read the Gita in a lot of detail, except the 15th Chapter. It’s titled “Purushottama Yoga” meaning “Union with the Ultimate”.

During my school days, students competed to learn and recite the 15th chapter.  I spent a lot of evenings under the guidance of my mother and my sanskrit teacher. Over the years, I have referred back to this chapter and it has revealed so many interesting facets.

There is one verse that moves me a lot.

“Na tad bhasayate suryo, na sasanko na pavakah
Yad gatva na nivartante, tad dhama paramam mama”

My loose translation of this is as follows:

“There is no sun, moon or wind…..one who reaches there stays there until eternity…that Arjuna is my abode”

I kept wondering why Krishna gave such a cryptic and grandiose description. Off and on the question crept in and was conveniently pushed back.

A few years ago, Chariji was in Vrads Sande Ashram in Denmark. Several of us were huddle around him. This was the time when the book Da Vinci Code was released.  The chatter moved to the topic of Templars and the Holy Grail . Chariji said that the Templars got it completely wrong.

“The Holy Grail is nothing but the human heart which takes in the blood and pain of suffering humanity and oozes out with Universal Love. When a human being acts in this spirit of sacrifice, his presence is eternal and such a life is Immortal.”   

This was a vital hint.

As years progressed, I glanced upon a quote of Babuji. It was something I had read before. However this time it made a deep impression….

“God is not to be found within the fold of a particular religion or sect. He is not confined within certain forms or rituals, nor is He to be traced from within the scriptures. Him we have to seek for in innermost core of our heart.” – Babuji

The ultimate is safely hidden in my heart. A place that is the gateway to a different dimension beyond the material elements. The Heartfulness Meditation approach beautifully guides a student to observe the heart and discover for himself the gateway to reaching a relationship with the Ultimate.

“yad gatva na nivartante, tad dhama paramam mama….”

We end where we start….