Parivrajaka’s Life: An Epiphany Moment…

(Parivrajaka: A wandering monk, Spiritual Seeker with deep sense of renunciation)

The cars took an exit and drove a couple of miles down the freeway. Beautiful country side with scenic patches of green pastures and idyllic Indian village life. It was the morning of April 2nd . I was travelling with Kamlesh Bhai. He had just embarked on the tour of Coastal Andhra.

The first stop on the way to Nellore was Sullurpet. A place known for migrating flamingo’s and its proximity to the Indian Space Shuttle Launch Center. As the small convoy of 3 cars entered the ashram road, the loving efforts of the abhyasis were there for everyone to see. The road was cleaned and watered to ensure minimal dust. Someone surely tested every muscle in their back to lay the chalk patterns along the road. Love was in the air…!

A small line of children decked in their best traditional dresses were waiting to welcome Kamlesh Bhai. All abhyasis were seated in the hall, ready to receive the loving grace waiting to be bestowed by the hierarchy.

There was perfect quiet. After a contemplative pause for a couple of minutes, Satsangh started.  In my personal experience, I have never felt such a love vibration and depth in a sitting.

After the sitting, Master spoke. He said “I had one of the most profound experiences in the sitting” as he continued the talk he touched upon what he had planned for the coming few years. He said “Master always wanted to tour each center and visit the abhyasis there. His health did not permit it. The life of a Parivrajaka was very dear to him. I urge you all to stay connected during the tour”.  < Here is a link to the talk:>

A Parivrajaka’s life. A life of constant dynamism and change. A life with an open mind and a blossoming heart. Several great saints embraced this way of life and spread the message of their Masters. They put up with enormous difficulties of travel and showed themselves to seeking hearts.

I have been thinking about this for a while. How do I emulate a Parivrajaka’s life? How do I participate in something that was dear to the heart of great Spiritual Masters?

Do I make drastic changes to life and figure out a way to hit the road? It’s possible… but is that the right way? A Spiritual Guide would not want us to develop an escapist approach to life. That’s the reason why Master’s ask us to stay connected within. Sincere seekers do this diligently through a regular meditation practice. I think that’s  just the beginning.

The key is to emulate the essence of a Parivrajaka’s life. The answer to this is revealed in the core Sahaj Marg Philosophy of  “Spiritual Yatra(Travel)”. We are all travelers…once you are on the Path , travel is the only way. And this is where the Parivrajaka in us needs to blossom.

I am a traveler with a purpose. A sailor on a voyage to glorious shores. Let me make haste and cover new bastions every single day. Let me create such momentum that I never spend more time than needed at each station of the journey.

We are all Parivrajaka’s. We are all travelling albeit in a different dimension. The inner dimension which will lead us to the goal of life . This what the Master meant to show us in his seemingly simple talk in Sulurpet.

Let not the Parivrajaka in each one of us rest for a moment.  Let our hearts be filled with this unending possibility of adventure. On this entourage of kindred souls, may the Master find our Parivrajaka spirit always embracing Him.  I hope this epiphany becomes the guiding beacon for my destiny.