Create Meaningful Pauses….

ARE we living life or just transacting.…? At some point of time we all feel it….. life becoming a transaction and there is the undercurrent of regret that we are not present 100% in the moment. It’s all over the place…at work, home, fun. Our attention spans are completely challenged. The information overload hitting us makes matters worse. I was reading somewhere that the Daily Edition of New York Times has more information that what a 17th century Englishman encountered in all his life!

In the pursuit to become multi taskers, we have lost the art of doing one thing well. We are in a meeting…checking emails…we are writing emails browsing the web…we are with the family thinking about work…

Attention is a scarce resource and its being challenged like never before.

Meditation helps to create meaningful pauses…every day. Unlike the pauses we try to create through a vacation or some other distraction, meditation helps you create an oasis within yourself to bring about change inside out.

What happens when you meditate? Your consciousness is refined and you become more aware of yourself and the environment around you. When you take on the world with this refined consciousness, you perform better in tasks and function really well in a team. A calmer mind is better positioned to think and listen more effectively. Think about it…meaningful pauses…

Kamlesh D Patel, the current President of SRCM gave a very insightful talk earlier this year in February at the SRCM Ashram in Monroe NJ. The crux of the talk was focused on using our “Discriminative Capacity”( Also referred to as Viveka*) to do only that what is needed…..

Check it out here…

  • Read the Chapter “Realization” from Reality At Dawn to understand this better.