The Art of Conversation…..

The Founder and Adi Guru of Sahaj Marg is Shri Ram Chandra Ji of Fatehgarh. He is fondly referred to as Lalaji by his disciples. His life and conduct is a guiding light for a keen student of spirituality. During his life he wrote hundreds of articles and thought notes. Unfortunately most of them were lost, thanks to a househelp who thought them to be trash paper…..


What remained was converted into a couple of books. Truth Eternal and Complete Works of Lalaji. In addition to this, recently several of his letters were discovered in the archives of the Mission. These are being translated and will be published in the coming years.

One of his messages “Principles of Conversation” was shared at the Basant Celebrations in Feb 2014 by Rev. Kamlesh D Patel. This talk has been published on a set DVDs titled Conscious Living.

I would like to share a few key points from Lalaji’s message.

“The balanced condition of mind is an expression of the right attitude of man in all his activities, under varied circumstances. In a broad sense, it is the reflection of his character. It has a deep impact and a favourable influence on people who are associated with him. It reveals itself in conversation, serious and long or light and short, which is devoid of excitement or emotional outburst; devoid of a rapid, short-tempered and moody reaction, but a prompt, methodical and civil expression of one’s own self. It is soft, cultured and smooth like the harmonious descent of divine grace.”- Principles of Conversation, Lalaji Maharaj.

Conversation is the Inevitable and Constant Activity of the Human Race…and yet, it is while talking that we end up having most of our arguments, fights and debates…

How do we improve on our conversation skills? How do we make our conversation impactful enough to directly connect with the heart of the other human being? How do we develop a real Heart to Heart Conversation?

Lalaji has provided some valuable hints…here is one I would like to share…

“The technique for achieving this consists first of all in attempting to
remove the rise and fall in the voice while talking, which is also called sharpness. This flow of speech will go on acquiring harmony with the current of Reality, to the extent that such a reduction is achieved progressively. By ‘sharpness’ I do not imply only anger, which is very gross. It should not be allowed admittance at all in this context. What I mean is that the flow of speech should not carry any kind of weight on it. An illustration of this is a current of still air…..”- Principles of Conversation, Lalaji Maharaj.

I have been trying to put this into action. I am convinced of its efficacy…If you would like to get the full article, shoot me a comment. I would love to get your comments on your experiments with the “Art of Conversation”…