Achieving Balance Through Meditation

There is a general conception that meditation places demands on life where we end up losing one end of the bargain.

“If I meditate, I might lose ambition and not achieve success in life” Or “I cannot be focused on worldly affairs and also achieve highest spiritual success”

This kind of thinking results from a wrong understanding of meditation and its effects. Meditation helps us to achieve the perfect sense of balance for each situation and especially the inner and outer demands of life.

The best analogy for this  was given by  Chariji. A bird in flight. The two wings represent the inner needs of the spirit and the outer responsibilities of life. You dip too much on any of the wings and life goes in spirals. The idea is to keep rising…farther and higher.

This example has been beautifully expanded by My Master and President of SRCM Shri. Kamlesh Patel.  What helps us achieve this sense of balance is the tail….our consciousness that gets refined with each session of meditation. As a result all our activity is complimented by this undercurrent which helps us achieve the fullest benefits.

Here is a link to a video by my Master Rev. Chariji talking to a group of abhyasis  from the US. In this he talks about the purpose of meditation and how it helps us achieve the highest through a sense of balance and moderation.



A balanced approach….wouldn’t that be helpful?  I would love to get your thoughts….