What do I offer in return?

In Nature everything has a purpose and a goal*. The goal for everyone is the same. It is to become, to un-become and to merge. To Evolve.

The purpose for the tree is to produce fruit. A tree is known by the quality of fruit it produces. The purpose for the flower is to produce nectar and for the bee to use this nectar and produce honey. This natural process is the essence of surrender. It’s not, that the plant surrenders to the sunlight and the water. It blossoms in their care. In the same way the Master also awakens in us the sense of purpose through His Transmission, His Life and His Teachings. The Transmission being the highest source of teaching through which we actually understand his life and his teachings. He guides us through uncharted territories and leads us to our goal.

When we look at the work of the Master, he utilizes the highest force of nature, channelizes it through him to transform humanity. The highest force transmitted to a human like me produces out of me the highest lover. A divine lover. This divine lover in turn produces the highest form of love. The Universal Love. A love that is Universal in its appeal and effulgence. Love that reaches souls transcending all barriers. Hence we witness this grand transformation or miracle of the multiplicity of a singularity.

The highest force producing the purest lover who emits the essence of highest love. This is the miracle and when it occurs everywhere we look around we see only Masters.

*: Read the Chapter “Goal of Life” in Reality At Dawn. One of the foundational books written by Babuji