Controlling Thoughts…here is a tip..

IN case you haven’t already read it, I highly recommend reading “Reality at Dawn“. Its a foundational text for every sincere student of spirituality written by Babuji . I first read this book several years ago in 2005 I think. I didn’t quite understand what the fuss was all about. It was a simple and straight forward book. I didn’t feel anything special being revealed to me except of course the chapter “My Vision”.

I think I almost gave up reading the book….

Over the years,  I went back to this book again and again. I clearly understood why Chariji said “Masters books are an index of ones inner progress”. Each time I read this book, a completely new level of understanding reveals itself. During my latest reading, summer of this year, I saw some sentences that had more content than entire books on Spirituality. So please persist and read this book at least once every 6 months…

This latest post is inspired from the Chapter Ways and Means in Reality at Dawn. It deals with Thoughts that are generated by a disturbed mind.

Almost everyone, today, feels their life to be a hard struggle for existence confronting acute problems of poverty, insecurity, distress and rivalry. It is almost impossible to keep ourselves free from the stresses of life. We are also surrounded in an environment that is saturated with this unrest and disturbance.

The result is the constant unrest, uncontrolled thoughts and disturbed mind. The defective molding of the mind is what needs to be corrected to regulate our thoughts and subsequent actions.

The mind is like the pendulum of a clock. If the pendulum is not regulated, the clock is out of order. Similarly for the human clock it’s very important to have a well regulated movement of the mind.People try to regulate the mind through restraint and forceful measures. They don’t work. The mind only rebels further.

The key to regulate the mind is through a proper meditation practice. The proper method is to meditate by staying unmindful of the thoughts.

Treat the ideas and thoughts as uninvited guests. Regular practice will make the mind calm and peaceful. Unwanted ideas cease to trouble you.

Concentration is a natural result of good meditation. This way the simple practice of meditation results in a calmer, sharper and focused mind.

Here is a link to an interesting video from the Heartfulness Institute….

Let me know your thoughts on this approach…Its simple…But it is easy….?